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The Upcycling Project

It took a blend of creativity, innovation and a sense of social and environmental responsibility to launch 'The Upcycling Project'. Our objective is to create something new and purposeful out of waste material and by-products. It is as important to us to produce something environmentally considerate as it is to produce something of value to you - for your home, for your business. For our first product collection we are upcycling glass.

What is Upcycling?

Upcycling is a process of designing & producing new high quality & value products by using wasted material or by-products. This could be any waste material or product really - glass, metal, wood, plastic - you name it. Upcycling moves such resources back up the supply chain in an environmentally friendly way.

Why Upcycle?

The benefits of upcycling to society and the environment can be immense. It is a mindset - a conscious way of living and consuming by extending the lifespan of a product. Upcycling is a cyclical balanced process of production & consumption that all industries and companies should be moving towards.

Check out our creations...

The Upcycing Project

About Alternative Addis

Core Values


As far as the supply & production allows we aim to use local resources & waste materials for our products & deliver them to local community and businesses.


 We aim to work in an environmentally considerate and responsible manner.


We aim to uplift, empower and add value to the local human capital and/or natural resources.


We aim to offer something unique and alternative to society or to the market and envisage to positively influence and model a more responsible lifestyle. 

About Alternative Addis
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