The Glass Collection

Our first creations are the Glass Jars and we continue to work on perfecting them.

Their uses are endless and really only limited by your imagination.

It is a practical home storage or decorative accessory. 

It is a turn-key packaging solution to local food manufacturers - whether you produce spices, honey, nuts, granola, etc.

It is a unique prop for the events and hospitality industry.

The Glass Jar

The Glass Jar for home use

Hand crafted wooden lids.

Food-grade wood sealant.

Available in

  Green, brown, transparent

  Small, medium, large

Storage ideas

 Spices & Herbs, Teas & Coffee,  Honey & home made goodies,    Cosmetics & Jewlery, Stationary and anything else you can think of.

Get creative!

The Customised Jar

Customized Glass Jars for Commercial use.

We offer customisation of

 color, shape & size of Glass Jars as well as high quality label prints in partnership with Print & Frame ET IBC


Lets collaborate and get creative together!